Command & Conquer: Generals

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Command & Conquer: Generals

Alternative Names: Command and Conquer: Generals, 終極動員令:將軍, Command & Conquer: Generäle, C&C Generals
Bundles: Command & Conquer: The First Decade, Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection, EA Strategy Collection
Expansions: Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
First Release Date: 09 february 2003
Franchises: Command & Conquer
Modes: Single player, Multiplayer
Genres: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy
Involved Companies: EA Pacific, Electronic Arts, Aspyr Media, i5works
Keywords: modern warfare, helicopter, motorcycle, construction, real-time, war, online, artificial intelligence, tank, base building, airplane, explosion, game critics awards, modern military, customization, voice acting, bink video, polygonal 3d, full motion video, racial stereotypes, non-player character, resource gathering, in-game map editor, invisible enemy, terrorists, rebels, nuclear bomb, hotkey, tech trees, linear gameplay, invisibility, propaganda, upgradeable vehicles, united states army, nuclear fallout, macromanagement, e3 2002, particle cannon, interactive achievement awards 2004
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac
Player Perspectives: Bird view / Isometric
Similar Games: Supreme Commander, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Act of War: Direct Action, Rise of Nations, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, Breach & Clear, World War III: Black Gold, Original War, Joint Task Force
Themes: Action, Science fiction, Warfare
Language Supports: English, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional)
Collections: Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Generals
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GENERALS ZERO HOUR - Играем на новых картах RANK - bl9rTV
GENERALS ZERO HOUR - Играем на новых картах RANK
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