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Mega Man 4

Alternative Names: Rockman 4, ロックマン 4 新たなる野望!!, Rockman 4: A New Evil Ambition!!, Rokkuman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!!
Bundles: Mega Man Legacy Collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection: Collector's Edition, Mega Man Legacy Collection: Special Edition, Pocket Player Pro: Mega Man
First Release Date: 05 december 1991
Franchises: Mega Man
Modes: Single player
Genres: Shooter, Platform, Adventure
Involved Companies: Capcom
Keywords: anime, manga, death, robots, mummy, side-scrolling, hostages, pixel art, snow, sequel, level selection, giant insects, mad scientist, high score, swimming, 8-bit, darkness, boss fight, explosion, robot dog, protagonist's name in the title, psone classics, transforming boss, special attacks, descendants of other characters, checkpoints, robot protagonist, underwater gameplay, multi-phase boss, playstation tv support, falling sequence, cheat code, moving platforms, villain, auto-scrolling levels, boss assistance, resized enemy, on-site procurement, falling object, fictional currencies, contest-driven development, male protagonist, wii virtual console, nintendo 3ds virtual console, wii u virtual console, fan translation - tagalog
Platforms: Wii, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Family Computer
Player Perspectives: Side view
Similar Games: Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Metroid, Mega Man, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 8, Mega Man II, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X4, Inside
Themes: Action, Science fiction
Language Supports: English
Localizations: ロックマン 4 新たなる野望!! (Japan), (Europe)
Collections: Mega Man
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