Diablo IV was streamed by various Let’s play streamers and crushed servers


Diablo IV, the highly anticipated game from Blizzard Entertainment, has been making waves in the gaming community even before its official release. Recently, various major "Let's Play" streamers have streamed the game, resulting in a massive surge in interest and viewership. However, this surge in popularity came at a cost, as the influx of users caused server crashes and other issues.

Let's Play Streamers Take Over

As Diablo IV's release date draws near, various "Let's Play" streamers have been given access to the game's beta version. These streamers include popular names such as CohhCarnage, Quin69, and Rhykker. Their streams have generated a massive amount of interest in the game, with viewers tuning in to get a sneak peek at what Diablo IV has to offer.

Servers Struggle to Keep Up

Unfortunately, the massive influx of users that resulted from the Let's Play streams caused major issues for the game's servers. Many users experienced long wait times to log in, while others reported being unable to connect to the game at all. Blizzard Entertainment has since acknowledged the issue and has been working to resolve it.

Record-Breaking Streaming Hours

Despite the server issues, the open beta day for Diablo IV was a record-breaking day for Blizzard Entertainment in terms of streaming hours. Viewership numbers reached an all-time high as fans eagerly awaited the chance to get their hands on the game. Many fans have praised the game's graphics, storyline, and gameplay mechanics, making it clear that the hype surrounding Diablo IV is real.


Overall, the Let's Play streams of Diablo IV have generated a massive amount of interest in the game. While the server issues were a setback, they have not dampened fans' enthusiasm for the game's upcoming release. With record-breaking streaming hours and positive reviews from fans, it's clear that Diablo IV is poised to be a major success for Blizzard Entertainment.