ExtraEmily forced to hang on a pole for 12 hours


ExtraEmily, a foreign streamer, recently held a highly controversial stream where she attempted to hang on a pole tied up for 24 hours. However, when she realized that the challenge was too difficult, she reduced the time to 12 hours. Despite her efforts, the streamer was subjected to various forms of torture by her viewers for donations, including being shot with eggs.


ExtraEmily is a popular foreign streamer known for her unusual and often extreme challenges. Her latest challenge was to hang on a pole for 24 hours while tied up. Although the challenge was an extreme one, the streamer managed to endure it for 12 hours with the help of her viewers.

Audience's reaction

The streamer's viewers were highly invested in the challenge and did not want to let ExtraEmily go. They used subscriptions to prolong her suffering and donated money to subject her to other forms of torture. The viewers' reactions were highly controversial, with some people believing that the stream crossed the line into abuse.


The controversy surrounding the stream focused on the question of whether ExtraEmily's actions constituted abuse. Some viewers saw the stream as a form of inhumane treatment, while others saw it as a lighthearted and entertaining challenge. The streamer herself reportedly enjoyed the experience and did not see it as torture. However, the controversy surrounding the stream highlights the need for streamers to be mindful of their audience and the impact their actions may have on viewers.

The aftermath

Despite the controversy, the stream ultimately turned out to be cheerful and relatively harmless. However, not all viewers found the experience enjoyable or appropriate, and some called for the stream to be shut down. The situation has sparked a broader conversation about the ethics of streamers' challenges and the responsibility they have to their viewers.


ExtraEmily's controversial stream has generated a lot of debate and discussion. While some viewers found the stream entertaining, others saw it as a form of abuse. The situation highlights the need for streamers to be mindful of their audience and the impact their actions may have on viewers. It is important for streamers to consider the potential consequences of their challenges and to ensure that they do not cross the line into abuse or harm. In the end, the controversy surrounding ExtraEmily's stream serves as a reminder that streamers have a responsibility to their viewers and must be held accountable for their actions.