IShowSpeed Pranked by Fans After Reaching 22 Million Subscribers!



In a surprising turn of events, popular YouTuber IShowSpeed recently hit a major milestone, reaching an impressive 22 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. However, what was meant to be a joyous celebration quickly took an unexpected twist when his devoted fanbase decided to play a prank on him.

The Prank Unveiled

During a special two-hour livestream dedicated to commemorating this achievement, IShowSpeed's excitement was palpable. Little did he know, his fans had orchestrated a prank by mass unsubscribing from his channel. As the subscriber count dropped, IShowSpeed's expressions of joy turned into confusion and disbelief.

The Unexpected Plunge

As the livestream came to an end, IShowSpeed, unaware of the prank, decided to cool off by taking an impromptu plunge into a nearby pool. With a splash, he exclaimed, "22 damn million, dude! It's too easy, damn it! Too damn easy! 22 is too damn easy, dude." Little did he know that his fans had conspired to momentarily diminish his subscriber count.

The Aftermath and Reflections

IShowSpeed's prank-filled milestone celebration showcases the unpredictable nature of online fandoms. While the prank may have caused a momentary hiccup in his subscriber count, it serves as a testament to the incredible dedication and creativity of his fanbase. IShowSpeed's journey to 22 million subscribers has been filled with ups and downs, but his resilience and undeniable talent continue to captivate audiences worldwide.


IShowSpeed's remarkable achievement of 22 million subscribers serves as a testament to his immense popularity and influence on YouTube. While fans may have momentarily pranked him, their actions highlight the deep connection between content creators and their audiences. As IShowSpeed continues to create engaging content, his fanbase will undoubtedly remain committed, eagerly awaiting his future milestones.