Twitch User Keccak256 Creates Free 3D Printable Mic Boom Arm for Streamers


Keccak256, a Twitch user with a passion for creating 3D printed objects, has released a new design for a free mic boom arm for streamers, makers, and content creators. The mic boom arm is an essential tool for streamers as it helps to position the microphone closer to the mouth for clearer audio.

About Keccak256

Keccak256 is a Twitch user who specializes in designing 3D printed objects for streamers and creators. He has a passion for 3D printing and enjoys using his skills to help others in the community. Keccak256 has been a popular presence on Twitch for years, and his creations have been used by streamers and makers all over the world.

The Free Mic Boom Arm

Keccak256's latest creation is a free mic boom arm that is designed to be 3D printed at home. The arm is fully adjustable and can be used with a variety of different microphones. It is also designed to be mounted to a desk or table and can be easily adjusted to the user's preferred position. The mic boom arm is made of durable plastic and can be printed using a standard 3D printer.

Keccak256's mic boom arm has received rave reviews from streamers and creators who have used it. Many have praised the arm's versatility and ease of use, as well as its ability to improve the quality of their audio. The fact that it can be printed at home for free is an added bonus, making it an accessible tool for streamers and makers of all levels.

How to Get the Mic Boom Arm

To access the free mic boom arm, simply visit Keccak256's Twitch channel at The mic boom arm design is available for free download on his channel, along with a variety of other 3D printed objects that he has created for streamers and makers. Keccak256 is also active on social media, where he shares updates on his latest designs and interact with his followers.

The Future of Keccak256's Designs

Keccak256's passion for 3D printing and his desire to help others in the streaming and content creation community has led him to create a variety of useful tools and objects. In addition to the mic boom arm, he has designed stands for cameras and other equipment, as well as accessories for gaming and streaming consoles. He also takes requests from his followers and has created custom designs for individuals and organizations.

The popularity of Keccak256's designs has led to new opportunities for him, including sponsorships and collaborations with other creators and companies. He has also been featured in several online publications and has been invited to speak at conferences and events about his work.


Keccak256's free mic boom arm is just one of many helpful resources that he has created for streamers and makers. His passion for 3D printing and dedication to the streaming and content creation community has made him a beloved and respected figure on Twitch and beyond. If you're a streamer or content creator looking for new tools and accessories to enhance your work, be sure to check out Keccak256's Twitch channel and social media accounts for more information.