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Meet Biofrostlol, a talented Twitch streamer and content creator who has made a name for himself in the League of Legends community. With his exceptional support play and engaging content, Biofrostlol has garnered a significant following on various platforms. In this biography, we will delve into his early life, professional career, League of Legends achievements, content creation endeavors, personal life, and more.

The top 10 key takeaways from the Biofrostlol bio

  1. Biofrostlol is a professional League of Legends support player who has been playing the game since Season 2 and has been a challenger since Season 4.
  2. He is known for his YouTube channel, where he posts highlights of his gameplay and other content.
  3. Biofrostlol has a presence on Twitch, where he streams his gameplay and engages with his audience.
  4. He also has a Twitter account where he shares updates and interacts with his followers.
  5. Biofrostlol was born on September 17, 1996, in China, and is a Canadian national.
  6. He has been associated with teams like Team Dignitas and Team SoloMid in his professional career.
  7. Biofrostlol's Twitch channel has gained significant popularity, with 173K followers.
  8. He has a YouTube channel with 92.3K subscribers and has uploaded 277 videos.
  9. Biofrostlol is active on Twitter with 145.6K followers and joined in January 2015.
  10. He is also active on Instagram with 58.9K followers and 89 posts.

Early Life and Background

Born on September 17, 1996, in China, Biofrostlol later moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of three. He displayed a passion for gaming from an early age and began his journey in the world of League of Legends during Season 2. Despite facing challenges along the way, he persevered and honed his skills, eventually reaching the prestigious challenger rank in Season 4.

Professional Career

Biofrostlol's rise to prominence as a professional support player in the League of Legends esports scene has been nothing short of impressive. He has represented esteemed teams such as Team Dignitas and Team SoloMid, showcasing his expertise and contributing to their success. With his strategic gameplay and strong team synergy, Biofrostlol has become a respected figure in the competitive League of Legends community.

League of Legends Achievements

Throughout his career, Biofrostlol has achieved remarkable milestones in the world of League of Legends. His dedication and skill have propelled him to compete in the prestigious League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). As a content creator for Dignitas, he continues to contribute to the growth of the esports scene and inspire aspiring players.

Content Creation

Biofrostlol's dedication to sharing his gaming experiences and interacting with his audience extends beyond the competitive realm. He has cultivated a vibrant community on Twitch, where he streams his engaging gameplay sessions, providing insights, entertainment, and fostering a sense of community. Additionally, his YouTube channel boasts a substantial subscriber base of over 92.3K, offering a variety of content, including gameplay highlights, analysis, and more. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram, where he shares updates, interacts with fans, and offers glimpses into his personal life.

  • Twitch Streaming: Biofrostlol's Twitch channel serves as a hub for his streaming endeavors, attracting a dedicated audience of gaming enthusiasts. Tune in to witness his captivating gameplay and be part of the lively community he has cultivated.
  • YouTube Channel: On Biofrostlol's YouTube channel, you'll discover a treasure trove of gaming content, including champion guides, patch updates, entertaining duo queue adventures, and insightful game analysis. Subscribe to join his ever-growing community of fans.
  • Twitter: Stay up to date with Biofrostlol's latest news, thoughts, and interactions by following him on Twitter. Engage in conversations, participate in discussions, and get a glimpse of the person behind the screen.
  • Instagram: Follow Biofrostlol on Instagram to get a behind-the-scenes look at his life, including his gaming adventures, personal moments, and glimpses into his hobbies and interests.

A few warm words from viewers about the Biofrostlol

"I've been following Biofrostlol's streams for a while now, and I can't get enough of his support gameplay. He's not only incredibly skilled, but also entertaining to watch. His commentary during the matches keeps me engaged, and I've learned a lot from his strategies and decision-making. Highly recommended for any League of Legends enthusiast!" - Gamer123

"Biofrostlol's streams are always a blast to watch. His positive energy and interaction with the chat create a welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate how he explains his thought process while playing, which helps me understand the game better. Plus, his funny moments and highlights never fail to put a smile on my face. Definitely one of my favorite streamers!" - SupportMain96

"As a support main myself, Biofrostlol's streams have been a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration. I love how he shares his tips and tricks for playing the support role effectively. His gameplay is top-notch, and I'm always amazed by his mechanics and game sense. It's great to see a professional player who is so dedicated to engaging with his audience. Keep up the fantastic work, Biofrostlol!" - LeagueSupporter22

Personal Life

Beyond the gaming world, Biofrostlol leads an intriguing personal life. He is of Canadian nationality and has a diverse range of hobbies, including eating, watching TV, and enjoying anime. Having studied economics at the University of Toronto before dedicating himself to a professional gaming career, he demonstrates a well-rounded approach to life.

Biofrostlol Career Chronology in facts and numbers

Date Activity
07 June 2013 Channel Creation Date
2016 Became a professional support player
Season 2 Started playing League of Legends
Season 4 Reached Challenger rank
November 24, 2016 Started streaming on Twitch
February 15, 2017 Joined YouTube
January 2015 Joined Twitter
June 11, 2016 First Instagram post
September 17, 1996 Born in China
3 years old Moved to Vancouver, Canada
University of Toronto Studied economics before dropping out in the 2nd year to pursue a pro player career


Biofrostlol's journey from a talented League of Legends player to a respected streamer and content creator has been nothing short of inspirational. With his passion, skill, and dedication, he has built a strong presence on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Whether he is engaging with his audience, sharing his gaming experiences, or showcasing his support play, Biofrostlol continues to make a significant impact in the League of Legends community and beyond. Follow his journey to witness the exciting moments and become part of his ever-growing community.