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BrookeAB is a popular American Twitch streamer with over 1.2 million followers and 23 million views. She has been streaming since April 2018 and has gained a reputation for her engaging personality and entertaining streams. In this bio, we will explore BrookeAB's life, career, and the devices and equipment she uses to create her content.

Early Life and Background

BrookeAB was born and raised in the United States. Unfortunately, not much is known about her early life and childhood. However, it is clear that she has always been interested in gaming and technology. She has mentioned in interviews that she started playing video games at a young age and has been passionate about it ever since.


BrookeAB began her streaming career in April 2018 and quickly gained a following due to her engaging personality and entertaining streams. She streams a variety of games, including Fortnite, Among Us, and Minecraft. Her streams are known for their high energy and entertaining commentary. She interacts with her audience frequently, making her streams feel like a community event.

Devices and Equipment Used

BrookeAB uses a variety of devices and equipment to create her content. She streams using an ASUS MG279Q monitor, which provides a high-quality picture and allows her to see her games clearly. She also uses a Corsair VOID PRO RGB headset, which provides high-quality audio and allows her to hear her games clearly. BrookeAB uses a Teclado Mecânico Gamer Razer Huntsman V2 keyboard, which is known for its durability and responsiveness. Finally, she uses a Monster Pusat V8 mouse, which provides precise control and allows her to make quick movements in her games.

Income and Earnings

BrookeAB earns a significant income from her Twitch streams. She earns approximately $1,446 per month from the Twitch Affiliate Program and approximately $675 per month from sponsorships. This brings her daily Twitch Affiliate Program Revenue to around $48. These numbers are estimates and may vary depending on the month and the number of subscribers she has.

Future Plans

BrookeAB has stated that she plans to continue streaming for the foreseeable future. She has expressed an interest in expanding her content to include more games and possibly even branching out into other forms of content creation. She has also expressed an interest in collaborating with other streamers and content creators.


BrookeAB is a popular Twitch streamer with a large following and a reputation for entertaining streams. She uses a variety of devices and equipment to create her content and earns a significant income from her streams. She has expressed an interest in expanding her content and collaborating with other streamers in the future.