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ChilledChaos: A Multi-Talented Content Creator


ChilledChaos, also known as Anthony DiMarco, is a highly popular and accomplished content creator with a significant presence on various platforms. With a diverse range of activities and engaging content, ChilledChaos has captivated a wide audience of gaming enthusiasts and fans of entertaining content.

Top 10 bio key Takeaways

  1. ChilledChaos offers a diverse range of gaming content, including strategy, social deduction, and multiplayer party games.
  2. He provides valuable insights, tips, and strategies for games like Among Us, Town of Salem, First Class Trouble, and Project Winter.
  3. ChilledChaos creates memorable moments through unexpected outcomes, betrayals, and funny incidents during gameplay.
  4. He collaborates with other streamers, fostering friendships and rivalries within the gaming community.
  5. ChilledChaos's Twitch streams create a sense of community through collaborative gaming sessions and interactive chat.
  6. His humorous commentary, cultural references, and willingness to try new things add an entertaining and engaging touch to his content.
  7. ChilledChaos engages with his audience on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Instagram, sharing his thoughts and experiences.
  8. He has built a significant following on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and social media platforms, showcasing his influence and reach as a content creator.
  9. ChilledChaos's sponsored content collaborations demonstrate his expertise and creativity within the gaming industry.
  10. His content appeals to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts who enjoy entertaining, informative, and community-driven content.

Channel Creation Date

ChilledChaos started his channel on December 16, 2009, establishing a strong foundation for his content creation journey.


As of January 2024, ChilledChaos is crushing it with an estimated net worth ranging from $100,000 to $5 million. He's raking in the cash from various sources, including his kick-ass YouTube channel, Twitch streaming, selling awesome merch, and scoring some sweet sponsorships.

ChilledChaos Personal Info

Born on May 30, 1991, in the exciting and lively city of New York City, ChilledChaos, whose real name is the amazing and unique Anthony DiMarco, started a journey of learning and self-improvement by going to college. With a lot of hard work and determination, he graduated from the prestigious Hofstra University in 2013, proudly earning a well-deserved Bachelor's degree in business.

Currently, ChilledChaos is living in the awesome and diverse state of Texas, where he has created a happy and satisfying life with his amazing and supportive wife, Jess. They have a super adorable and charming doggo named Rexxar, who always brings tons of happiness and laughter to their daily adventures.

Another fun fact about him: his favorite actor is Tom Holland.

In the constantly changing and exciting world of gaming, ChilledChaos stands out as a superstar, bringing with him a cool and unmatched mix of amazing talent and a go-getter attitude that knows no limits. With every project he takes on, he leaves a lasting impression on the gaming industry, captivating audiences and leaving them wanting more.


Yo, so ChilledChaos is like this really popular Twitch streamer with a massive following of over 453.8K followers. You can catch his awesome streams at

ChilledChaos' Twitch channel has got it all, man. From intense gaming sessions to cooking and baking, there's something for everyone. The wide range of themes keeps viewers hooked and entertained, like all the time.

One of the cool things about Chilled's Twitch streams is the awesome sense of community they create. By playing games together and chatting with viewers, it feels like you're part of a tight-knit group. Unexpected appearances and team strategies take this community vibe to the next level and make you feel totally connected.

Humor and entertainment are like the stars of Chilled's streams. Whether he's showing funny reactions or doing silly stuff, there are loads of moments that make the audience laugh and have a good time. These light-hearted moments create a positive and engaging vibe, making Chilled's streams a fantastic source of entertainment.

All in all, ChilledChaos' Twitch channel gives you a one-of-a-kind mix of entertainment, community interaction, and diverse content. It's a place where you can have a good time, connect with others, and share experiences.

Twitch Statistics

ChilledChaos has built a strong presence on Twitch with impressive statistics. He currently has over 453,765 followers and an average of 5,196 viewers. His Twitch channel was created in December 2009, but he started actively streaming in 2019.

ChilledChaos has experienced significant growth in his followers. By February 2020, he already had 200,000 followers, and by April 2022, he doubled that number, reaching 400,000 followers. Currently, he has over 450,000 followers, and this number continues to grow.

In terms of viewership, ChilledChaos reached his peak in January 2022, with over 11,000 simultaneous viewers and an average of over 7,000 viewers per stream. He streams almost every day, with broadcasts lasting more than 4 hours. During this time, an average of 250 people subscribe to his channel.

Among Us, Jackbox party pax, Project Winter, and Codenames are some of the most streamed games on his channel.

ChilledChaos YouTube

ChilledChaosGame is ChilledChaos' awesome YouTube channel, where you can find raw and unfiltered gameplay videos. With a whopping 410K subscribers and over 232M views, his channel keeps on entertaining and motivating gaming fans from all around the globe.


ChilledChaos' awesome gaming content on YouTube is all about playing a bunch of cool games like Among Us, Town of Salem, First Class Trouble, and Project Winter. He's all about strategy, deception, and hanging out with friends, so you can expect some sweet insights, tips, and strategies from him to level up your gaming experience.

Party Games

Besides his awesome gaming content, ChilledChaos also jumps into the realm of multiplayer party games. From heart-pumping races and epic tournaments in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to fun and artistic drawing sessions and t-shirt designing in The Jackbox Party Pack, ChilledChaos makes sure his viewers have an absolute blast with these super entertaining and interactive games.

Town of Salem

ChilledChaos really knows his stuff when it comes to Town of Salem. He gives a detailed breakdown of different roles and strategies used in the game. Whether you're playing as an executioner, jester, serial killer, or one of the investigative or protective roles, ChilledChaos has got you covered with some awesome tips and tricks to step up your Town of Salem game.

First Class Trouble

With First Class Trouble, ChilledChaos takes us on an exciting journey of survival and deception. He shows us how to craft, manage resources, and build trust with other players. By sharing strategies to uncover traitors, solve mysteries, and work together effectively, ChilledChaos keeps his audience hooked and having a blast.

Project Winter

Project Winter is another game where ChilledChaos totally rocks, offering awesome survival tips and strategies in super treacherous conditions. His mad skills in crafting, managing resources, and communicating like a boss really shine through as he helps viewers navigate the crazy landscapes of Project Winter.

For even more epic gaming content, check out ChilledChaos' YouTube Channel.

ChilledChaos TikTok

ChilledChaos also shares some awesome content on TikTok, where he has gathered a cool 66.4K followers and received over 3 million likes.

On TikTok, ChilledChaos's content is all about gaming, collaborating with others, unforgettable moments, reactions and commentary, and sponsored stuff. This wide variety of topics makes his TikTok account super appealing to a bunch of gaming fans and people who love fun and entertaining content.

The cool assortment of games featured in ChilledChaos's videos, like Prophunt, Gmod, Among Us, Mario Kart, and Mario Party, has got something for everyone. So you can dive into different gaming genres and enjoy different gameplay styles. And with popular games and famous streamers like Kyrsp33dy and Sidearms in the mix, it's even more exciting for fans of these awesome folks and their content.

ChilledChaos has this knack for making gameplay moments that stick with you, like when things take an unexpected turn, there are betrayals in Among Us, or just funny incidents that crack you up. It's what keeps viewers hooked and coming back for more. Plus, the connections and friendships that form within the gaming community add to the overall charm of his content.

ChilledChaos's reactions and commentary bring a cool vibe to his videos, making it easy for viewers to connect with him on a more relatable level. His funny commentary, pop culture references, and openness to try new and interesting food items make watching his videos super entertaining and engaging.

Furthermore, ChilledChaos's awesome sponsored content collaborations, like teaming up with OMEN by HP for epic thumbnail creation, show off his massive influence and reach as a content creator. These awesome partnerships not only give brands tons of exposure, but also highlight ChilledChaos's mad skills and creativity in the gaming industry.

Overall, ChilledChaos's TikTok account has a cool variety of content that's super entertaining, engaging, and totally relevant to his peeps. From gaming and collabs to awesome moments, reactions, and funny commentary, he knows how to keep his viewers hooked. Plus, he even throws in some sponsored stuff to mix it up. If you're into gaming and love to be entertained, you gotta check him out!


Join ChilledChaos' vibrant and welcoming community on Discord, where almost 34,000 members come together to share clips, recipes, pet photos, and recommendations for movies, TV shows, and books. Connect with fellow fans and immerse yourself in a supportive and engaging community.

Join the ChilledChaos Discord Server.

ChilledChaos Twitter

On Twitter, ChilledChaos has been an active user since January 2009. With a solid following of 704.8K and following 1,266 accounts, ChilledChaos shares all sorts of cool stuff. He talks about starting a company, investing in ideas, and setting the record straight on YouTube with legit sources. He also dives into things like what those blue checkmarks mean on Twitter, getting artists to make awesome animated emotes, and his obsession with true crime documentaries. ChilledChaos loves interacting with his audience, inviting NA Creator Friends to check out his upcoming projects and sharing his thoughts on various topics. You can find him on Twitter at @ChilledChaos.

ChilledChaos Instagram

ChilledChaos shares personal moments and glimpses into his life on Instagram, where he has posted 404 times and gained a dedicated following of 61.7K. From photos with his wife and dog to travel snapshots, ChilledChaos' Instagram account offers a visual journey into his experiences and adventures.

Follow ChilledChaos on Instagram for captivating personal moments and more.

Who might be interested in ChilledChaos content?

ChilledChaos's stuff can be pretty interesting to a wide range of people, especially gaming fans who like a mix of strategy, hanging out, and having fun. His videos are for those who dig raw, unedited gameplay footage and enjoy watching games like Among Us, Town of Salem, First Class Trouble, and Project Winter.

Plus, his content is a hit with fans of multiplayer party games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and The Jackbox Party Pack, as well as those who are into social deduction games. ChilledChaos's funny commentary, epic moments, and collabs with other streamers also make his stuff super appealing to viewers who like to have a good time while gaming. All in all, his content attracts gamers who want a combo of fun, strategy, and being part of a cool community.


ChilledChaos, a super talented content creator, has become a big name in the gaming community. With his awesome Twitch streams, cool YouTube videos, fun TikTok content, and active presence on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram, ChilledChaos keeps entertaining and motivating a wide range of gaming fans all over the world. His passion, go-getter attitude, and knack for building a sense of community have helped him achieve awesome success, guaranteeing a super bright future in the content creation industry.