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Welcome to the biography of DeMusliM, the renowned Twitch streamer and content creator. With a fascinating background in professional gaming and a passion for esports, DeMusliM has captivated audiences with his exceptional skills and engaging personality.

The top 10 key takeaways about DeMusliM

  1. DeMusliM changed his name from "DeMusliM" to "DeMu" in 2020, possibly due to pressure from Saudi Arabia and their investments in esports.
  2. DeMusliM has been recovering from health issues, but there is hope for a full recovery.
  3. DeMusliM has won over $27,000 in cash prizes from Age of Empires IV tournaments alone.
  4. He was the first player to hold the number one rank simultaneously in Grandmaster on two servers, NA and EU.
  5. DeMusliM's YouTube channel showcases StarCraft II gameplay and commentary.
  6. He has a strong presence in the StarCraft II community and is praised for his commentary and gameplay.
  7. DeMusliM has been a part of Team Liquid, a professional esports organization.
  8. He has competed in multiple games, including StarCraft II, Age of Empires IV, and WarCraft III.
  9. DeMusliM has shared his thoughts on the weaknesses of the Abassid civilization in Age of Empires IV.
  10. Speculations surround the reasons behind DeMusliM's name change, but the exact details remain unclear.

Early Life and Career

Born as Benjamin James Baker on October 29, 1990, in Marseille, France, DeMusliM showed early promise in the world of athletics during his high school years. However, it was his deep-rooted interest in gaming and competitive esports that paved the way for his remarkable career. Embracing the world of professional gaming, DeMusliM transitioned into a prominent figure associated with Blizzard games, most notably StarCraft II.

Name Change and Speculations

In a bold move, DeMusliM adopted the name "DeMusliM" as a tribute to the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, whom he greatly admires. However, this name change sparked speculations, with some suggesting external pressure from Saudi Arabia due to its significant investments in esports. Although rumors have circulated, the exact reasons behind the name change remain elusive.

Notable Achievements and Career Highlights

DeMusliM's journey in the gaming world has been nothing short of extraordinary. Participating in numerous tournaments and events, he has left an indelible mark on the StarCraft II community. His affiliation with Team Liquid, a professional esports organization, further solidified his reputation as a top-tier player and commentator. Notably, DeMusliM has amassed an impressive amount of prize money from various tournaments, including Age of Empires IV, with a staggering total of over $27,000 in cash prizes. His gaming career has been punctuated by remarkable moments, such as being the first player to hold the number one rank simultaneously in Grandmaster on two servers, namely NA and EU.

Personal Life

Beyond his gaming prowess, DeMusliM values his personal life and cherishes the time spent with his wife and children. With a penchant for energy drinks, sushi, and fast food, he embraces a vibrant and diverse range of interests. Sporting a distinguished bald appearance complemented by glasses and tattoos on his hands, DeMusliM exudes a unique charm both on and off the screen.

Social Media Presence

DeMusliM's popularity extends far beyond the gaming realm, as evidenced by his significant following on various social media platforms. On Twitch, his captivating streams have garnered a loyal fan base, with an impressive follower count. Additionally, his YouTube channel boasts a substantial subscriber count, where he shares engaging gameplay and insightful commentary on StarCraft II and Age of Empires IV. Interacting with his audience, DeMusliM maintains an active presence on Twitter, where he connects with fans and updates them on his latest endeavors. Lastly, his Instagram account offers glimpses into his personal life, with intriguing posts, a growing follower count, and an evident love for family, children, and animals.

Viewers about the DeMusliM  twitch streams

Review from FrodGuse: "I absolutely love watching DeMusliM's streams! His commentary is on point, and he provides great insights into the game. He's also very interactive with his viewers, always taking the time to answer questions and engage in chat. His skill level is impressive, and I always learn something new from his gameplay. Highly recommended!"

Review from lotsmansig: "DeMusliM's streams are a must-watch for any StarCraft II fan. His gameplay is top-notch, and his strategic thinking is unparalleled. I appreciate how he explains his thought process during matches, which has helped me improve my own gameplay. He has a friendly and welcoming community, and I always enjoy being a part of it. If you're looking for entertaining and educational StarCraft II content, DeMusliM is the streamer to watch!"

Review from eSpohugo: "DeMusliM is one of the best StarCraft II streamers out there. His streams are filled with excitement and intense gameplay. I love how he breaks down his strategies and tactics, giving viewers an inside look at his decision-making process. Whether you're a casual viewer or a hardcore StarCraft II player, DeMusliM's streams are a must-see. His skill, knowledge, and entertaining personality make for an amazing streaming experience!"

DeMusliM Career Chronology

Activity Date
Channel Creation Date June 16, 2011
Channel Exists 12 years, 6 months, 22 days
Name Change to "DeMu" 2020
Joined Twitch November 23, 2016
Reached 110,000 Twitch followers January 12, 2020
Reached 130,000 Twitch followers January 27, 2022
Reached 146,000 Twitch followers January 6, 2024
Joined Twitter February 2011
Joined YouTube January 16, 2022
Joined Instagram August 29, 2013

Embodying the spirit of a true content creator, DeMusliM continues to entertain and inspire his viewers through his exceptional gaming skills, engaging personality, and diverse range of content across various social media platforms.