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Froggen: A Journey in League of Legends


Welcome to the biography of Froggen, a renowned Twitch streamer and professional League of Legends player. This captivating biography will uncover the fascinating journey of Henrik Hansen, widely known as Froggen, and provide insights into his personal life, professional achievements, and online presence.

10 Froggen bio key takeaways

  1. Froggen, whose real name is Henrik Hansen, is a professional League of Legends player and Twitch streamer from Denmark.
  2. He has played for several professional teams, including Evil Geniuses, Alliance, and Origen.
  3. Froggen has a significant following on Twitch, with over 500,000 followers on his channel.
  4. He is known for his exceptional skills in the game, particularly with the champion Anivia.
  5. Froggen has represented his teams in various tournaments and championships, including the Season 2 World Championship and the League of Legends World Championship.
  6. His gameplay videos and streams provide valuable insights into champion mechanics, strategies, and itemization.
  7. Froggen's Twitch streams offer a mix of educational gameplay, comedic moments, and thought-provoking discussions.
  8. He has a strong online presence across multiple platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  9. Froggen's YouTube channel features extensive gameplay videos, champion guides, and insightful commentary.
  10. He actively engages with his community through social media, sharing updates, gaming content, and reminders about his streams.

Froggen Personal Life

Henrik Hansen, also known as Froggen, was born on February 21, 1994, in Denmark. From a young age, he displayed a passion for sports and maintained excellent physical shape. His dedication and discipline are evident not only in his gaming skills but also in his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Froggen Professional Life

During 2012, Froggen played a crucial role in helping CLG.EU secure a third-place finish at the Season 2 World Championship. In January 2013, Froggen joined Evil Geniuses and relocated to their gaming house in Berlin. The team successfully qualified for the inaugural spring split of the EU LCS and ended the regular season with a 15-13 record, securing a spot in the playoffs and ultimately finishing in 3rd place.

In December 2013, Froggen made the move to Alliance, taking over Evil Geniuses' position in the EU LCS as they transitioned to the NA LCS. During the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split, Froggen's team, Alliance, secured a 3rd place finish in the regular season with a record of 16-12. They qualified for the playoffs but ended up finishing in 4th place.

In the 2014 EU LCS Summer Split, Alliance dominated the regular season with a 21-7 record, securing 1st place. They went on to defeat Fnatic in the finals, securing a spot at the 2014 League of Legends World Championship.

At Worlds, Alliance had an unexpected performance, going 3-3 in their group stage and failing to advance to the playoffs, ultimately finishing in 9th-12th place. Due to LCS branding rules, Alliance's League of Legends team had to rebrand and separate from the organization. They subsequently rebranded as Elements.

Elements finished 7th in both the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split and Summer Split, failing to qualify for playoffs on both occasions.

In November, Elements released all players except for Froggen and Nyph.

Froggen was voted by fans to participate in the 2015 All Stars tournament in Los Angeles in December. At the event, he had an exhibition match against SK Telecom T1's Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, the reigning world champion, which he won. On January 2nd 2016, Froggen relocated to Southern California to join Echo Fox, who had just acquired a spot in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Echo Fox had a disappointing performance in the 2016 Summer NA LCS, finishing last with a 1-17 record. This meant that the team was at risk of being relegated to the League of Legends Challenger Series. However, they managed to re-qualify for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split after defeating NRG eSports 3-0. Amidst speculations about Froggen leaving Echo Fox 2017, he released an official statement on YouTube regarding his departure from the team. He also shared his perspective and outlook for the future in 2018. There were widespread rumors on Twitch and Discord about Froggen's return to the professional League of Legends scene in 2018. These rumors were later confirmed by Origen on Twitter on April 5, 2018, as they announced Froggen's addition to their team as the mid laner. Froggen left Origen after their victory in the 2018 European Cup and subsequently joined the Golden Guardians on December 8, 2018, as their mid laner. Froggen continued to play for the Golden Guardians in the NA LCS season 9 in 2019, finishing 5th-6th in the spring split. He retained his starting position for the summer split as well. In 2020 Froggen signed with Dignitas for the 2020 LCS season. In the Spring Split, the team finished with a record of 8-10, narrowly missing out on a spot in the playoffs and placing seventh. However, Froggen was benched after six games during the summer split and was moved down to the academy roster. He played the remainder of the season on Dignitas Academy.

Online Presence

Froggen Twitch

Froggen's Twitch channel, with over 783,000 followers, offers an enchanting blend of educational gameplay, comedic moments, and thought-provoking discussions. Whether you're seeking to improve your skills with Anivia or simply enjoy entertaining banter, Froggen's streams have something for everyone.

Froggen's Twitch streams encompass various thematics that can be both important and interesting for the audience. Firstly, his Anivia gameplay is a significant draw for fans of the champion and those seeking to improve their skills with her. Froggen's expertise and insights into Anivia's mechanics, strategies, and itemization provide valuable knowledge for players looking to master the Cryophoenix.

Secondly, Froggen's funny moments during his streams add an element of entertainment for viewers. Whether it's his witty banter, unexpected reactions, or humorous interactions with teammates, these moments create an enjoyable and lighthearted atmosphere that resonates with the audience.

Lastly, Froggen's discussions about the League of Legends meta and balance bring forth critical insights and perspectives. His thoughts on champion viability, game balance, and the overall state of the game can spark engaging conversations among the community. This thematic not only provides valuable analysis but also encourages viewers to think critically about the game they love.

Froggen YouTube

Froggen's YouTube channel, with over 91,000 subscribers, serves as a treasure trove of valuable content for League of Legends enthusiasts. Dive into his extensive gameplay videos featuring Anivia, where he showcases his exceptional skill and shares insights into advanced mechanics, tips, and tricks.

Froggen's YouTube channel covers a variety of thematics that can be important for the audience. Firstly, his extensive gameplay videos featuring Anivia showcase his exceptional skill and mastery of the champion. This can be valuable for aspiring Anivia players looking to learn advanced mechanics, tips, and tricks from one of the best Anivia players in the world.

Secondly, his videos on Tristana bot lane provide insights into his strategies and synergies with different support champions. This can be beneficial for bot lane players seeking to improve their gameplay and understanding of effective bot lane dynamics.

Lastly, Froggen's champion guides offer in-depth analysis and advice on various champions, such as Talon and Jinx. These guides can be valuable resources for players looking to master those specific champions and gain a competitive edge in their gameplay.

Froggen's YouTube channel offers a mix of educational content, entertaining gameplay moments, and insightful commentary. This combination makes his channel appealing to a wide range of League of Legends players, from those seeking to improve their skills to those looking for entertaining and engaging content.

Froggen Twitter

With over 222,000 followers on Twitter, Froggen uses this platform to share updates, gaming content, and reminders about the start of his streams. While his last post dates back to December 2022, his active engagement with the community is evident throughout his Twitter history.

Froggen Instagram

On Instagram, Froggen shares glimpses into his personal life, offering followers a closer look at his world beyond gaming. From selfies to photos with friends and gaming-related snapshots, his Instagram feed reflects his genuine connections with his audience.

Twitch Statistics

Froggen's Twitch channel, created on December 29, 2012, has garnered a loyal following over the years. Although he is currently taking a break from streaming.

  As of August 2017, he had 550,000 followers. In October 2019, he reached 750,000 followers.

His highest number of followers was 793,000, but since the beginning of 2022, the number of followers has been gradually declining.

The peak viewership of his stream was in March 2017, when more than 7,000 people watched him simultaneously.

The most streamed games are League of Legends, Bloons TD6, and Teamfight Tactics.

Some popular clips include "froggen on anivia changes" with 94,000 views, "FROGGERS" with 41,000 views, and "Anivia Kid" with 40,000 views.

Consistently streaming three times a week for approximately six hours per stream, Froggen has established a dedicated community. His engaging content attracts an average of 200 new subscribers per stream, contributing to the growth of his channel.



29 Dec 2012

Creation of Twitch channel

Oct 18, 2013

Creation of YouTube channel

Joined Sep 2012

Joined Twitter

Dec 2022

Last post on Twitter

Feb 21, 1994

Birth of Henrik Hansen


Played for

Jan 2013

Joined Evil Geniuses

Dec 2013

Joined Alliance


Joined Elements

Jan 2, 2016

Joined Echo Fox

Apr 5, 2018

Joined Origen

Dec 8, 2018

Joined Golden Guardians


Signed with Dignitas


In conclusion, Froggen's journey as a professional League of Legends player and Twitch streamer has left an indelible mark on the gaming community. From his exceptional gameplay and in-depth knowledge of Anivia to his entertaining banter and insightful discussions, Froggen's online presence continues to captivate and inspire League of Legends enthusiasts worldwide.

Through Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Froggen has built a strong online presence, sharing his expertise, humor, and personal experiences with his followers. As Froggen's career evolves, his passion for gaming and dedication to his craft remain unwavering, making him a true icon in the world of League of Legends.