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Hannahxxrose is a popular Twitch streamer who has amassed a large following due to her engaging personality and high-quality content. With over 1.3 million followers and 8 million views, she has become one of the most successful streamers on the platform. In this biography, we will delve into her early life, career, devices and equipment used for content creation, income and earnings, and future plans.

Early Life and Background

Hannahxxrose was born in the United States in 1997. She grew up in a small town and had a passion for gaming from a young age. She often played games with her siblings and friends, and it was clear from an early age that she had a talent for it. She attended college and graduated with a degree in marketing, but her true passion was always in gaming.


Hannahxxrose started streaming on Twitch in 2014, and it wasn't long before she began to gain a following. Her engaging personality and high-quality content quickly caught the attention of viewers, and her channel began to grow rapidly. She streams a variety of games, including Fortnite, Valorant, and Call of Duty, and has become known for her skill and expertise in these games.

Devices and Equipment used for Content Creation

Hannahxxrose uses a variety of devices and equipment for content creation. She uses a Glorious Model O Mouse, a Glorious GMMK PRO Keyboard, and a Strata Liquid Mousepad. These devices allow her to play games with precision and accuracy, which is essential for her success as a streamer. She also uses a high-quality webcam and microphone to ensure that her streams are of the highest quality possible.

Income and Earnings

Hannahxxrose earns a significant amount of money from her Twitch channel. Her estimated monthly Twitch Affiliate Program revenue is around $501, and she also earns an estimated $234 per month from sponsorships. Her daily Twitch Affiliate Program revenue is estimated to be around $16. These earnings are a testament to her success as a streamer and the quality of her content.

Future Plans

Hannahxxrose has big plans for the future. She is always looking to improve her content and grow her channel, and she is constantly experimenting with new games and content ideas. She is also interested in branching out into other platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok, and is always looking for new ways to connect with her audience.


Hannahxxrose is a talented and successful Twitch streamer who has made a name for herself in the gaming community. With her engaging personality, high-quality content, and dedication to her craft, she has become one of the most popular streamers on the platform. Her devices and equipment, income and earnings, and future plans all speak to her success and her commitment to her fans.