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Indiefoxx, also known as Jenelle Dagres, is a renowned American singer, Twitch streamer, and social media personality. With her captivating personality and diverse range of talents, she has gained a massive following across various online platforms.

Top 10 bio key takeaways

  1. Indiefoxx is a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of skills, including singing, art and design, entrepreneurship, modeling, and more.
  2. She gained popularity as a Twitch streamer, where she covered various themes such as yoga, gaming, and music, appealing to a wide audience.
  3. Indiefoxx's Twitch channel amassed over 2 million followers before being temporarily banned.
  4. Her YouTube channel primarily focuses on ASMR content, particularly ear licking, offering a unique sensory experience for viewers.
  5. Indiefoxx's online presence extends to platforms like Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter, and TikTok, where she shares captivating and alluring content with her followers.
  6. She has a degree in digital media, drawing, and painting, which she utilizes in her artistic endeavors and collaborations with other artists and designers.
  7. Indiefoxx keeps her personal life private, but she is known for her love of pets, including a Pomeranian, a Maltese, and freshwater fish.
  8. Her net worth is estimated to be $700,000, with multiple sources of income, including Twitch subscriptions and donations, OnlyFans subscriptions, singing, YouTube, and sponsorships.
  9. Indiefoxx's TikTok content covers a wide range of themes, including animals, entertainment, science and nature, humor and jokes, and music and dance, catering to diverse interests.
  10. Despite her temporary ban on Twitch, Indiefoxx remains a captivating and influential figure in the online community, with a dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting her return.

Indiefoxx Personal Info

Jenelle Dagres is a multi-talented individual known by her online persona, Indiefoxx. Born on March 20, 1995, in the United States, she hails from a diverse background, with Greek, German, French, and Taiwanese descent.

As a streamer, Jenelle started her streaming journey on January 1, 2017, and quickly gained recognition for her entertaining content. She is known for keeping her personal life private, but her love for her pets is evident, as she takes care of a Pomeranian, a Maltese, and freshwater fish.

Apart from her streaming career, Indiefoxx is a singer, musician, entrepreneur, model, accountant, life coach, dog lover, fish tank aquascaper, farmer, doomsday prepper, hair stylist, scuffed cook, mommy issues therapist, financial advisor, and hot tub meta creator. With such diverse talents, she has become a notable figure in the online community.

For fans and business inquiries, Indiefoxx can be reached at her PO Box address:

JenFoxxx 15030 VENTURA BLVD # 354 SHERMAN OAKS, CA 91403-5470 United States

Indiefoxx continues to captivate and inspire her audience with her multifaceted abilities and charismatic personality.

Art and Design Background

Indiefoxx's love for art and design really comes through in her content. With a degree in digital media, drawing, and painting, she has really worked hard on her artistic skills, which she effortlessly brings into her streams. Her artistic knowledge has also opened up some cool opportunities beyond Twitch, like creating her own clothing line and teaming up with other artists and designers.

Indiefoxx Singing Talent

Besides her amazing artistic skills, Indiefoxx has an awesome singing talent that totally mesmerizes her audience. When she streams on Twitch, she shows off her incredible vocal abilities, captivating viewers with her beautiful performances. Her love for music adds even more excitement to her already diverse range of talents.


Indiefoxx has a pretty impressive net worth of $700,000, which is all thanks to her various ways of making money. She built up a huge following of over 900k fans on Twitch before her channel got temporarily banned. Her financial success comes from Twitch subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships. On top of that, she also makes money from platforms like OnlyFans, YouTube, and singing gigs, which all help to keep the cash flowing in.

Indiefoxx Online Presence

Indiefoxx's online presence extends across various platforms, where she continues to captivate her audience with unique and engaging content.

  • Twitch: With a Twitch channel creation date of January 5, 2017, Indiefoxx has cultivated a loyal following of over 900k fans.

Indiefoxx's Twitch streams are all about different themes and topics, which makes them super interesting for a wide range of people. One of the things she often talks about is yoga. She shares different yoga practices and techniques, and talks about how yoga can help with relaxation and fitness. This is not only helpful for viewers who want to try out yoga, but it also creates a really chill and calming vibe during the streams.

Another cool theme is gaming, where Indiefoxx hangs out with her audience while playing different games.

The interactive nature of these streams lets viewers join in on the gaming experience, creating a cool sense of community and forming connections among the audience. Plus, Indiefoxx's funny and light-hearted commentary during gameplay adds a super entertaining element to the streams, making them a blast for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Indiefoxx also includes music in her streams, showing off her talent as a musician. By playing live music and interacting with her music-loving audience, she creates a one-of-a-kind and fun experience.

These streams not only show her skills but also give viewers a chance to find new music and connect with other music lovers.

Overall, Indiefoxx's Twitch streams offer a wide range of content that caters to various interests. Whether it's yoga, gaming, or music, her streams provide a mix of entertainment, learning, and community involvement. This variety makes her streams appealing to a broad audience, making sure there's something for everyone to enjoy and find interesting.

Right now, her Twitch channel is banned, but we're hoping she'll get unbanned.

  • YouTube: Indiefoxx's YouTube channel boasts over 31.3k subscribers and features a collection of captivating videos.

JenFoxxUwU's YouTube channel is all about ASMR content, with a special focus on ear licking. This kind of content might be interesting for people who are into ASMR and get a sense of relaxation and tingling from sounds.

ASMR ear licking videos can make you feel close and give you a one-of-a-kind sensory experience if you're looking to unwind and relieve stress.

Besides ASMR ear licking, JenFoxxUwU also dives into other cool stuff like hot yoga positions and positive affirmations. These videos have a mix of content that might appeal to different types of viewers. Hot yoga positions are perfect for people into fitness and being flexible, while positive affirmations can give viewers a calming and empowering experience.

The cool thing about JenFoxxUwU's channel is that it can appeal to different audiences in different ways. Some people might be really into ASMR ear licking and stuff like that, finding it super fascinating because it's a unique and specialized experience. However, it's worth mentioning that not everyone is into ASMR or finds this specific theme interesting. It all comes down to personal preferences and whether or not someone is into the tingles and relaxation that ASMR ear licking videos can offer.

  • Instagram: On Instagram, Indiefoxx's account boasts an impressive following of 363k, where she shares captivating and alluring content that has garnered widespread attention.
  • OnlyFans: For those seeking exclusive behind-the-scenes content, Indiefoxx's OnlyFans page offers an intimate look into her life. Subscribers gain access to uncensored photos and videos, providing a unique and personal connection with the star.
  • Twitter: Indiefoxx's Twitter account, with over 1.6M followers, serves as a platform for her to connect with fans, sharing personal photos, updates, and glimpses into her intriguing world.
  • TikTok: With over 457.1k followers and 3.1M likes on TikTok, Indiefoxx provides a range of content, from animal facts to entertainment and humor. Her diverse range of videos caters to a wide audience, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Jen Foxx's TikTok content is all about a bunch of cool stuff! She covers everything from animals, entertainment, science and nature, to humor and jokes, and music and dance. With such a wide variety of topics, her TikTok profile is super interesting to all kinds of people with different interests.

Her content about animals is really cool! She talks about some really interesting stuff from the animal kingdom, like extinct animals that have been caught on camera, animals that used to be huge, and animals with superpowers. These videos are not only educational, but they also make you super curious if you're into learning about the natural world.

When it comes to entertainment, Jen Foxx's TikToks have some really cool stuff. You'll find Mizkif spilling the tea and diving into mind-blowing Mandela Effects. These videos are all about having a good time and keeping you hooked. Perfect for those who love mind-bending ideas and discovering hidden secrets.

Jen Foxx also adds some humor and jokes to her TikToks, like dad jokes and challenges where she tries to say words as fast as possible. These fun and funny videos offer a good laugh and entertainment for her audience, making them feel entertained and able to relate.

Also, Jen Foxx's TikToks are all about science and nature stuff. She dives into the deep sea and spills some cool facts about the world around us. You can learn a lot from these videos and get a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature.

And hey, Jen Foxx knows how to rock the music and dance too! She shares her own awesome performances and dances to popular songs. If you're into music and dance, you'll have a blast watching these TikToks. It's a perfect outlet for your creativity and self-expression.

Jen Foxx's TikTok content is pretty awesome and covers a bunch of different themes that can be super important and interesting for all kinds of people. Her educational stuff, entertaining videos, funny moments, and cool dance moves and music make her TikTok profile really diverse and super fun to watch.

Twitch Statistics

Indiefoxx's Twitch journey has been a total success, gathering a super loyal following and hitting some major milestones along the way. Her channel, created on January 5, 2017, blew up real quick, getting over 2 million followers before her temporary ban. With an average viewership of over 16 thousand and a peak viewership of more than 24 thousand, her streams have totally grabbed the attention of a diverse audience.


Indiefoxx, aka Jenelle Dagres, is a super talented person who has made a big name for herself on different online platforms. With her amazing artistic skills, awesome singing, and super interesting content, she keeps leaving a strong impression on her audience. From her Twitch streams to her cool presence on YouTube, Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter, and TikTok, Indiefoxx's wide range of talents makes sure that her online presence stays captivating and always changing.