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Jason Oppenheim
Hi Im Jason ; contact: Jason@unitedtalent.com
Last LIVE: 09 january 2024 Just Chatting
Followers: 465 703
Views: 4 657 030
Last Data Update: 16 july 2024
Language: EN
Channel Creation Date: 14 november 2015
Channel Exists: 8y 8m 4d
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Total User Votes: 2
Views Per Follower: 10

How old is jasontheweenie?

He was born on May 9th, 2004, making him 20 years old.

How tall is jasontheweenie?

He stands at a comfortable height of 5'6", which is approximately 167.64 cm or 1.67 meters.

Who's jasontheweenie's girlfriend?

He had a romantic relationship with Yujin from the K-pop group, IVE. They made their relationship public through a YouTube video in April 2023, which excited many fans. However, due to some disagreements, they decided to part ways.

Following the split, Jason focused on improving his Twitch channel and content. As for Yujin, rumors suggest that she might be involved with TXT's Jinyoung.

His romantic status is unclear as forJuly 2024. A video from March 2024 hinted at a potential new love interest. His journey continues to captivate fans and followers around the world.

How much is jasontheweenie net worth?

His journey began on Twitch, a platform where he entertains and interacts with thousands of fans. With an affiliate program and ad revenue, he's generating up to $2K per month. Though this might not compare to top Twitch earners, it's a testament to his growing influence.

Jason has expanded his digital empire to YouTube, where he's gathered an impressive following of over 500K subscribers. With earnings mirroring those from Twitch, he's doubling his income, bringing it to a significant $60-80K annually from both platforms.

This is the story of Jasontheweenie, a testament to the power of digital platforms and the potential they hold for creators.

What does jasontheweenie do now?

He is a Twitch sensation with over 361,505 followers and an average of 10,454 viewers per stream. In just 30 days, he's clocked 197 hours of streaming, pulling a record peak of 28,295 viewers.

He's also a TikTok star, monetizing engagements and sponsorships, and runs a successful YouTube channel.

Devices and Setup jasontheweenie

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Mouse: Zowie by BenQ ZA13-B - jasontheweenie Devices and Setup
Zowie by BenQ ZA13-B Mouse
Keyboard: Razer RZ03-01220500-R3G1 - jasontheweenie Devices and Setup
Razer RZ03-01220500-R3G1 Keyboard
Monitor: LG OLED55C27LA - jasontheweenie Devices and Setup
LG OLED55C27LA Monitor
Headset / Headphones: SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless - jasontheweenie Devices and Setup
SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless Headset / Headphones