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Karl Jacobs is a well-known American Twitch streamer who has gained immense popularity in recent years. With 3,709,370 followers and 21,813,564 views, Karl Jacobs has become a household name in the streaming community.

Early Life and Career

Karl Jacobs was born on July 19, 1998, in the United States. He began his Twitch career on May 16, 2016, and has since gained a massive following due to his engaging personality and entertaining content. Karl Jacobs is known for his exceptional gaming skills and his ability to connect with his audience, making him a favorite among his followers.

Rise to Fame

Karl Jacobs became famous for his Minecraft streams, which quickly gained popularity among his followers. He has also collaborated with other popular Twitch streamers, including MrBeast and Dream, which has helped him gain an even wider audience.

Income and Earnings

According to reports, Karl Jacobs earns an estimated $1,363 per month through the Twitch Affiliate Program and an additional $636 per month through sponsorships. His daily earnings from the Twitch Affiliate Program are around $45, making him one of the most successful Twitch streamers.

Devices and Equipment

Karl Jacobs uses high-quality devices and equipment to create his content. He uses the Zowie by BenQ ZA13-B Mouse, the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Keyboard, and the Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q Monitor. He also uses the Sennheiser RS 175-U Headset/Headphones, which helps him deliver crystal-clear audio to his followers.

Personal Life

Karl Jacobs is 24 years old and is currently residing in Greenville, North Carolina. He is not married and is focused on growing his Twitch career. Karl Jacobs is a Cancer zodiac sign, and his height is approximately 180 cm.


In conclusion, Karl Jacobs is a talented and successful Twitch streamer who has made a name for himself in the streaming community. His exceptional gaming skills, engaging personality, and entertaining content have helped him gain a massive following and become one of the most successful Twitch streamers in the world.