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Maya Higa is an American Twitch streamer who has gained popularity for her engaging personality and entertaining content. She has been active on Twitch since July 2018 and has amassed a large following. In this biographical text, we will take a closer look at Maya's early life, her Twitch streaming career, devices used for content creation, estimated income and earnings, and future plans.

Early Life and Background

Maya Higa was born on May 25th, 1998, in California, USA. She is currently 24 years old and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Maya attended California Polytechnic State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduation, she moved to Austin, Texas, where she currently resides. Maya is in a relationship with Matthew Rinaudo.

Twitch Streaming Career

Maya Higa started her Twitch streaming career on July 2nd, 2018. Since then, she has gained a massive following of 738,772 followers and has garnered 19,746,772 views. Her channel has existed for 4 years, 8 months, and 27 days. Maya is known for her entertaining content, which includes playing games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing, as well as interacting with her audience through chat.

Devices Used for Content Creation

Maya Higa uses various devices for content creation, including the SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless Mouse, HyperX Alloy Core Keyboard, ASUS PG278QR Monitor, and Cougar Immersa Pro Headset / Headphones. These devices allow her to produce high-quality content and interact with her audience effectively.

Estimated Income and Earnings

Maya Higa earns an estimated $1,234 per month from the Twitch Affiliate Program and an additional $576 per month from sponsorships. This translates to a daily Twitch Affiliate Program revenue of approximately $41. Her impressive earnings are a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft.

Future Plans

Maya Higa plans to continue streaming on Twitch and growing her audience. She is also exploring other opportunities, such as creating content on YouTube and collaborating with other streamers. Maya's dedication to her craft and her engaging personality are sure to lead to continued success in the Twitch community.


Maya Higa is a rising star in the Twitch community, known for her engaging personality, entertaining content, and impressive earnings. Her hard work and dedication to her craft have paid off, and she continues to grow her audience on Twitch. With plans to expand her content creation to other platforms, Maya's future looks bright, and we can't wait to see what she does next.