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Ali Kabbani, popularly known as Myth, is a well-known Twitch streamer from the USA. He has amassed a following of 7,383,038 followers and 167,569,029 views since creating his channel on December 27, 2015. In this biographical text, we will explore Myth's early life, rise to fame, devices used for content creation, estimated income and earnings, and future plans.

Early Life and Background

Myth was born on May 24, 1999, in the USA, under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Not much is known about his family and educational background. However, he has been passionate about gaming from a young age and has honed his skills in various games over the years.

Rise to Fame

Myth's rise to fame began in 2017 when he started streaming Fortnite gameplay on his Twitch channel. His skills and entertaining commentary quickly gained traction, and he amassed a following of thousands of viewers within a short period. His popularity skyrocketed in 2018, when he became the captain of TSM's Fortnite team. He led the team to victory in various tournaments and helped them gain a massive following. This success helped Myth gain even more viewers and followers on Twitch.

Devices Used for Content Creation

Myth uses a set of high-end devices for his content creation. He uses the ASUS ROG Gladius III mouse, Redragon Kumara keyboard, and Acer Nitro VG252QXBMIIPX monitor. These devices provide him with the precision and speed he needs to play Fortnite and other games at a high level. Additionally, he uses the Sony MDR-DS6500 headset to communicate with his viewers and fellow streamers.

Estimated Income and Earnings

Myth's estimated monthly income from the Twitch Affiliate Program is around $10,473, and his monthly sponsorship income is around $4,887. This amounts to a daily Twitch Affiliate Program revenue of approximately $344. These earnings are impressive and show the potential of Twitch streaming as a lucrative career.

Future Plans

Myth has not revealed his future plans yet. However, given his popularity and success on Twitch, it is safe to assume that he will continue to create engaging and entertaining content for his followers. He may also collaborate with other popular streamers to expand his reach and gain even more followers.


Myth is a well-known Twitch streamer who has gained a massive following due to his skills in Fortnite and entertaining commentary. His high-end devices and impressive earnings show the potential of Twitch streaming as a lucrative career. We can expect to see more of him in the future and look forward to his future collaborations and content.