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Natsumiii is a popular Twitch streamer known for her gaming content and engaging personality. With over 531,000 followers and more than 22 million views, she has gained a massive following since starting her channel on April 6th, 2013. In this biographical text, we will explore Natsumiii's early life and background, her Twitch streaming career, the devices she uses for content creation, her estimated income and earnings, and her future plans.

Early Life and Background

Wendy Luo, known online as Natsumiii, was born on July 3rd, 1991, in Toronto, Canada. She is currently 31 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Natsumiii grew up in Canada and later moved to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. She has not shared much about her family or personal life.

Twitch Streaming Career

Natsumiii started her Twitch streaming career on April 6th, 2013. She gained popularity by streaming games such as League of Legends, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley. Natsumiii's engaging personality and entertaining content attracted a large audience, and she quickly gained a reputation as one of the most popular female Twitch streamers.

Why is she famous

Natsumiii is famous for her gaming content and engaging personality. She has built a strong community of loyal followers who enjoy her streams and engage with her on social media. Natsumiii is also known for her cosplay, and she often dresses up as her favorite characters during her streams.

Devices Used for Content Creation

Natsumiii uses a variety of devices for content creation, including the Logitech G935 Mouse, CORSAIR K70 SILENT Keyboard, AOC AGON PRO AG274QG Monitor, and Kingston HyperX Cloud Mix Headset / Headphones. These devices help her create high-quality content and provide an immersive experience for her viewers.

Estimated Income and Earnings

According to estimates, Natsumiii earns around $1,426 per month from the Twitch Affiliate Program and around $666 per month from sponsorships. Her daily Twitch Affiliate Program revenue is estimated to be around $47. These earnings are a testament to her popularity and the quality of her content.

Future Plans

Natsumiii has not shared much about her future plans, but it is clear that she will continue to create engaging content and grow her community of loyal followers. With her talent and hard work, she is sure to achieve even greater success in the future.