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Richard Blevins
Ninja streams EVERYWHERE. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok. CIO @GameSquare $GAMEJust launched a BRAND NEW PODCAST AFK W/ NINJA
Last LIVE: 08 january 2024 Fortnite
19 033 598
361 638 362

About Ninja

Real Name: Richard Blevins
Gender: ♂️ Male
Birthday: 05 june 1991
Ninja Age: 32 y/o
Zodiac Sign: ♊ Gemini
Height: ~ 185 cm
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Place of Residence: USA
Pets: Two dogs, both Yorkies, named Chance and Navi
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When was Ninja born?

Ninja, whose real name is Richard Blevins, is a USA based Twitch content creator.

Ninja rose to fame after his Twitch streams began racking up 361 638 362 of views of concurrent viewers and Richard Blevins has gained a big following on the platform.

Richard Blevins was born on 05 june 1991, which makes his 32 y/o as of 2024.

Richard Blevins is known for his gaming content, and aside from Twitch. Ninja is active on other social media platforms such as:

Estimated Income of Ninja

Monthly Twitch Affiliate Program Revenue: ~ $22 602
Monthly Sponsorship Income: ~ $10 548
Daily Twitch Affiliate Program Revenue: ~ $743

Devices and Setup Ninja

Collected from Open Sources
Mouse: Logitech G Pro - Ninja Devices and Setup
Logitech G Pro Mouse
Keyboard: Mars pro mk3 - Ninja Devices and Setup
Mars pro mk3 Keyboard
Monitor: Acer Predator XN253QP - Ninja Devices and Setup
Acer Predator XN253QP Monitor
Headset / Headphones: Qumo Atlantis - Ninja Devices and Setup
Qumo Atlantis Headset / Headphones

The Rise of Richard Blevins: Former Twitch Streamer to Ninja Superstar

In the world of online gaming and streaming, few names are as recognizable as Richard Blevins, better known by his online alias, Ninja. From humble beginnings as a former Twitch streamer, he has risen to become one of the most influential figures in the industry, with impressive ninja twitch stats that show his undeniable appeal.

Ninja's Twitch Journey

Ninja's journey on Twitch has been a roller coaster ride. His ninja twitch channel started off as a platform for showcasing his gaming prowess, with ninja stream stats steadily rising as he gained a dedicated fanbase. The question, "where does Ninja stream 2023" was on every fan's mind as he took a brief hiatus from the platform, only to make a triumphant return.

The Man Behind the Alias: Richard Blevins Ninja

While the world knows him as Ninja, he was born as Richard Blevins, a regular kid from Michigan with a passion for gaming. His journey from being a twitch gamer Richard Blevins to becoming the superstar Richard Blevins Ninja we know today is nothing short of inspirational.

Ninja: A Twitch Phenomenon

Ninja's influence goes beyond just twitch tv ninja. From his early days as a Richard Blevins twitch streamer to his current status as a global brand, Ninja has proven that streaming is not just a pastime, but a viable career.

A Glance into Ninja's Personal Life

There's more to Ninja than just the gaming persona. He was born Richard Tyler Blevins, and he shares a close bond with his Tyler Blevins brother. He currently resides in the ninja streamer house, located in the heartland of the USA.

The Many Facets of Ninja

Ninja's appeal extends beyond just gaming. His appearance in Hotel Transylvania as Richard Blevins showcased his voice acting skills. And his love for speed is evident in his passion for the Ninja H2R, a high-speed motorbike.

Born to Game: The Ninja Story

Born in Detroit, Michigan, the question of "where was Ninja born" is often asked by fans. From an early age, Ninja showed a knack for gaming, leading to his rise as a streaming superstar. His birth date, "when was Ninja born", is celebrated by fans worldwide.

In conclusion, the story of Richard Blevins Ninja is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. Whether he's streaming a new ninja game, showcasing his ninja rage on stream, or

Reviews about streamer Ninja
Ninja influence in the gaming world is undeniable
Review about streamer Ninja
As a follower of Twitch streamers, I've witnessed firsthand the thrilling performances of the ninja gamer, Richard Blevins. His gaming content is engaging and immersive, and his personality shines through in every stream. It's no surprise that he has amassed such a large following on the platform. With over 19 million followers and over 361 million views, his influence in the gaming world is undeniable. What sets Ninja apart is his ability to connect with fans on a personal level, making each stream feel like a communal gaming experience.
  • Advantages: Ninja - Top 1 streamer of the world
  • Disadvantages: №1
GG welcome, 09.04.2024
impact of Richard Blevins is amazing
Review about streamer Ninja
One cannot mention Twitch streaming without recognizing the impact of Richard Blevins. As Ninja Blevins, he has transformed the landscape of online gaming. His streams are not only about gaming but also about building a community of gamers. His content is diverse and engaging, attracting millions of views. His streams are a testament to his skill as a gamer and his charisma as an entertainer. He is a true embodiment of what it means to be a successful Twitch streamer.
  • Advantages: content is diverse and engaging
  • Disadvantages:
Itzmatt1992, 07.04.2024
Ninja vs Tyler - past times were exciting
Review about streamer Ninja
The gaming world is full of exciting moments, but few can compare to the thrill of watching Ninja vs Tyler. Richard Blevins, better known as Ninja, exhibits an extraordinary level of skill and strategy in his gameplay. His Twitch streams are a blend of high-level gaming and entertaining commentary. This combination keeps his millions of followers coming back for more. It's not just about watching a game - it's about being part of a gaming community led by a charismatic and talented individual.
  • Advantages: Fortnite high-level gaming
  • Disadvantages:
Luckyluke70, 04.04.2024
Richard Blevins, known to millions as Ninja
Review about streamer Ninja
Ninja's rise to fame is a testament to his talent and dedication. Richard Blevins, known to millions as Ninja, has built a brand that transcends Twitch. His gaming skills are second to none, and his ability to engage with his audience sets him apart in the industry. Whether it's on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Discord, Ninja's presence is a beacon for the gaming community. For aspiring streamers and fans alike, Ninja is a source of inspiration and entertainment.
  • Advantages: Has built a brand that transcends Twitch
  • Disadvantages:
scrumjack, 04.04.2024