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Alexis Maldonado
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Last LIVE: 19 december 2023 Rust
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Last Data Update: 11 june 2024
Channel Language: EN
Channel Creation Date: 03 september 2013
Channel Exists: 10y 9m 10d
Like Rating: 34.24%
Total User Votes: 2
Views Per Follower: 48

The Journey of Quackity

Maldonado's journey, like many streamers, began on YouTube. His Quackity YouTube channel has attracted millions of viewers from around the globe. Despite his success on YouTube, Maldonado knew he wanted to explore other platforms. This led him to Quackity Twitch, where he has since gained an even larger following.

A Unique Playstyle

Maldonado has become known for his unique playstyle in games such as Poppy Playtime. His Quackity Poppy Playtime streams are some of his most popular and showcase his ability to engage with his audience.

The Las Nevadas Quackity Flag and More

Maldonado has also ventured into merchandise with items such as the Las Nevadas Quackity flag and the Quackity Las Nevadas box. The Quackity Las Nevadas bundle box in particular has become a hit among fans. His clothing line includes items like the Quackity Adidas collaboration and the Quackity Nike hoodie, which have been well-received by his fans.

The Man Behind the Stream

Not much is known about Maldonado's personal life, but we do know that he was born on December 28, 2000, making his current Quackity age 23. Standing tall at approximately 179 cm, Quackity height is another fun fact about this charismatic streamer.

Connecting with Quackity

For those looking to connect with Maldonado, he is active on various social media platforms. You can find him on Quackity TikTok, where he frequently shares fun and engaging content. His streams are also regularly uploaded to YouTube Quackity for those who missed the live broadcast.

With his charisma, creativity, and engaging content, Alexis Maldonado, aka Quackity, is a rising star in the world of streaming. Whether on Twitch, YouTube, or TikTok, Maldonado is a content creator to keep an eye on.

Devices and Setup Quackity

Collected from Open Sources
Mouse: Steelseries Prime Wireless - Quackity Devices and Setup
Steelseries Prime Wireless Mouse
Keyboard: ROG Strix Flare - Quackity Devices and Setup
ROG Strix Flare Keyboard
Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G9 LC49G95TSSIXCI - Quackity Devices and Setup
Samsung Odyssey G9 LC49G95TSSIXCI Monitor
Headset / Headphones: HyperX Cloud Earbuds - Quackity Devices and Setup
HyperX Cloud Earbuds Headset / Headphones