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About shroud

Real Name: Michael Grzesiek
Gender: ♂️ Male
Birthday: 02 june 1994
Age: 29 y/o
Zodiac Sign: ♊ Gemini
Height: ~ 168 cm
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Place of Residence: Not Provided
Family Status: Not married
Education: Not Provided
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Michael Grzesiek, known as Shroud, is a Canadian Twitch streamer and former professional gamer. He is widely recognized as one of the best first-person shooter players in the world. Shroud has amassed a massive following on Twitch, with over 10 million followers and 570 million views. In this biographical text, we will take a closer look at Shroud's life and career, including his early years, devices used for content creation, estimated income, and future plans.

Early Life and Background

Michael Grzesiek was born on June 2, 1994, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He grew up playing video games and developed a passion for gaming at a young age. Shroud started his gaming career as a professional Counter-Strike player in 2013, playing for various teams such as Slow Motion, Exertus Esports, and Manajuma. He gained popularity as a player in the CS:GO community for his impressive skills and was eventually recruited by Cloud9, one of the top esports organizations in the world.

Devices Used for Content Creation

Shroud uses a Logitech G303 mouse, which is known for its exceptional accuracy and responsiveness. He also uses an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card (GPU), which provides high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay. For streaming, Shroud uses a RODE NTG-4 microphone, which is known for its clear and crisp sound quality. He streams from a Cooler Master Caliber X1 gaming chair, which provides comfort and support during long gaming sessions.

Estimated Income and Earnings

Shroud's success on Twitch has made him one of the highest-earning streamers on the platform. He earns an estimated monthly income of $35,673 from the Twitch Affiliate Program and an additional $16,647 from sponsorships. This brings his daily Twitch Affiliate Program revenue to approximately $1,173. Shroud's impressive earnings can be attributed to his massive following and his exceptional gaming skills.

Future Plans

Shroud's future plans include continuing to stream on Twitch and create content for his fans. He has expressed interest in exploring other games and genres, such as role-playing games and variety streams. Shroud has also recently started a YouTube channel, where he posts highlights of his streams and other gaming-related content. With his talent and dedication to gaming, Shroud is sure to continue to be a prominent figure in the gaming community for years to come.

In conclusion, Michael Grzesiek, or Shroud, is a prominent figure in the gaming community, known for his exceptional skills and massive following on Twitch. He uses high-quality devices for content creation, and his estimated earnings are impressive. Shroud's future plans include exploring new games and genres while continuing to create content for his fans.

Estimated Income of shroud

Monthly Twitch Affiliate Program Revenue: ~ $24 361
Monthly Sponsorship Income: ~ $11 368
Daily Twitch Affiliate Program Revenue: ~ $801

Devices and Setup shroud

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Mouse: Logitech G303 - shroud Devices and Setup
Logitech G303 Mouse
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