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TinaKitten: The Rising Star of Twitch and YouTube


Yo, check it out! We got TinaKitten, aka Christina Kenyon, who's rockin' the Twitch streaming and YouTube scene. This South Korean-American superstar has straight-up taken the gaming community by storm, bringing her awesome personality, humor, and killer gameplay. And let me tell you, TinaKitten ain't messin' around – she's built up a massive following and carved out her spot as a top content creator.

Top 10 bio key Takeaways

  1. TinaKitten has achieved remarkable viewership on Twitch, with peak viewership of over 43,000 concurrent viewers and an average of more than 14,000 viewers per stream.
  2. She typically streams once a week for more than 4 hours, gaining an average of almost 4,000 new subscribers during each stream.
  3. TinaKitten's most streamed categories on Twitch include Minecraft, Just Chatting, and Among Us, showcasing her versatility as a content creator.
  4. She is part of the OfflineTV and Friends crew, collaborating with other popular YouTubers like Peter, Wendy, and Sykkuno.
  5. TinaKitten's YouTube channel offers a diverse range of content, including Among Us gameplay, IQ deduction challenges, rescue missions, ghost hunting, and interactive games like Simon Says.
  6. She has a significant following on Twitter, where she expresses gratitude to her fans, shares updates, and mentions her enjoyment of playing the game Valorant.
  7. TinaKitten's Instagram account provides glimpses into her personal life, featuring photos of herself, food, and social gatherings.
  8. She has a Discord server with over 27,000 members, where fans can communicate and receive updates about her streams.
  9. TinaKitten's Twitch statistics reflect her dedication, longevity, and growing popularity in the streaming community, with over 1.9 million followers.
  10. She has achieved substantial income from platforms like Twitch and YouTube, with an estimated monthly income of $60,000 to $100,000.

TinaKitten's Real Name

Christina Kenyon, also known as TinaKitten, has become super popular for her awesome content and super fun streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Age and Nationality

Yo, as of today's date, TinaKitten is 25 years young, born on June 30, 1998. She's got this cool mix of South Korean and American heritage, which adds to her super unique cultural background and perspective.

Twitch Following

TinaKitten has like a huge following on Twitch, with over 1.9 million super devoted followers who are like always tuning in to her streams. Her streams always attract like an average of 10,000 viewers, showing off her like crazy influence and super dedicated fan base.

Content and Collaborations

Known for her amazing gaming skills and interactive streams, TinaKitten mostly plays popular games like Among Us, Minecraft, and Valorant. Her content is really funny and she has great interactions with other streamers. She also knows how to make her viewers feel welcome and included in her streams, which is super cool.

Oh, by the way, TinaKitten is part of the OfflineTV and Friends crew, a cool group of awesome content creators who team up on different projects. This collab has helped her grow her audience and connect with even more people.

TinaKitten Personal Life

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of her streaming gig, TinaKitten is into all sorts of cool stuff. She's a total animal lover and always gushes about them to her viewers. Plus, she's super into cosplay, skiing, and just hanging out with her friends, which she absolutely loves.

Family and Relationships

TinaKitten likes to keep her personal life on the down low, and not much is known about her fam. But we do know she's got a sis, although we don't know her name. As far as we know, TinaKitten is not hitched and currently flying solo, putting all her energy into her career and creating dope content.


TinaKitten's got a real knack for exploring new places, whether it's for work or play. You can tell she's all about that travel life from the way she shares her epic adventures and cool encounters.

Some pretty cool travels include her visit to Japan, specifically Tokyo, in May 2023. She also went on a journey to her ancestral homeland, South Korea, in August 2022, connecting with her roots and immersing herself in the culture. TinaKitten's love for coastal areas is obvious as she often hits up the coast, enjoying the peaceful vibes of being near the water.

Income and Net Worth

Alright, so let me tell you about TinaKitten. This girl is seriously dedicated and talented. And you know what? She's not just popular, she's making some serious money too. We're talking about an estimated monthly income of $60,000 to $100,000. And where does all this cash come from? Well, she's killing it on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and with some sweet sponsorships. Impressive, right?

With a whopping 1.9 million followers on Twitch, TinaKitten makes bank from Twitch subscribers, tips, and ad dough. From August 2019 to September 2021, her Twitch moolah alone went over $169,875.15. On top of that, her YouTube channel, with a cool 328 thousand subscribers, rakes in an estimated monthly income of $70 to $120, adding up to around $840 to $1.4k a year.

TinaKitten's net worth is estimated to be about $200,000 as of 2023, which just goes to show how successful she is in the gaming industry.

Online Presence

Twitch Channel Details

TinaKitten's Twitch channel is like, super awesome and entertaining, attracting and engaging millions of viewers. With over 1.9 million followers, she has created this totally thriving community where fans are like, so hyped for her streams.

Funny Moments and Reactions

Tina's Funny Moments and Reactions segment is like, totally loved by her audience. With her quick wit and super contagious laughter, Tina brings this awesome brand of humor to her streams. Whether it's her hilarious reactions to unexpected stuff or her killer comedic timing during gameplay, Tina never fails to entertain her viewers. This segment keeps the vibe chill and fun, giving her audience a much-needed dose of laughter. So rad!

Gaming and Gameplay

Tina's Gaming and Gameplay streams are super awesome for both gaming enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. She checks out new game releases, showing off her skills and strategies while taking her audience on a wild ride through awesome virtual worlds. Tina's epic gaming moments and victories create such an exciting and engaging experience for her viewers, making them feel totally involved in the action. From intense challenges to super impressive achievements, her gaming content keeps her audience entertained and totally hooked..

Collaborations and Interactions

Tina's Collaborations and Interactions section brings together some of the most memorable moments on her stream. Whether it's teaming up with fellow streamers for exciting gameplay sessions or having fun chats with her viewers, Tina's interactions create a sense of community and connection. Her collaborations show the friendship and good vibes she shares with other content creators, while her interactions with viewers make everyone feel like they're part of a cool and welcoming community.

Creative and Artistic Streams

Tina's Creative and Artistic streams really show off her talents beyond just gaming. From her cool artistic creations and art streams to her awesome crafting projects and DIY adventures, Tina's creativity really shines through. And when she does her musical performances and singing streams, it's clear that she's not just a one-trick pony. These streams are a nice break from the norm and give viewers a chance to get in touch with their own creative side while hanging out with Tina. It's all about finding inspiration and being part of an artistic community together.

Community and Charity Events

Tina's involvement in Community and Charity Events really shows how much she cares about making a positive impact. She does things like joining charity livestreams and fundraisers to help raise awareness and support different causes and organizations. Community events and games with her viewers bring everyone together and make everyone feel included. And when Tina takes a moment to express her genuine gratitude and appreciation, it just makes the connection she has with her audience even stronger, and creates a really supportive and uplifting atmosphere.

Overall, Tina's streams have got you covered with a wide variety of cool stuff that suits all sorts of interests and tastes. Whether you're into hilarious moments, thrilling gaming sessions, stunning art, or active community involvement, Tina makes sure her content is captivating and relatable to keep everyone hooked and satisfied during their streaming journey.

Twitch statistics

Tina's Twitch stats show her incredible journey as a streamer. She started her channel on April 3, 2013, and even though she took breaks from streaming, she has gained a loyal following over the years. As of March 2021, Tina had already gathered 500,000 followers. In January 2022, she reached a huge milestone by hitting 1 million followers. Right now, her follower count has crossed 1.9 million and it keeps on growing.

Tina's stream has been killing it in terms of viewership. In October 2021, she hit a high of over 43,000 viewers watching at the same time, with an average of more than 14,000 viewers per stream. This just goes to show the amazing support and engagement from her audience.

When it comes to streaming, Tina usually goes live once a week. Her broadcasts go on for more than 4 hours. And guess what? Her channel gets around 4,000 new subscribers on average during that time. This regular streaming routine and the growing number of subscribers are what keep her channel thriving.

Tina's most streamed categories are Minecraft, Just Chatting, and Among Us. These super popular categories bring in viewers from all walks of life and show off Tina's ability to create different types of content.

All in all, Tina's Twitch stats show how committed she is, how long she's been doing this, and how she's becoming more and more popular among streamers.

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TinaKitten YouTube Channel Details

TinaKitten's YouTube channel is all about sharing the best moments from her streams and lots of gaming-related stuff. With 8 awesome videos and a whopping 3,680,580 views, her channel has really taken off since she joined on November 24, 2019. Come join the 328k subscribers who can't wait to see what she's got in store for us!

TinaKitten's YouTube channel has got a lot of cool stuff that people are really into. She's got videos on all kinds of things like playing Among Us, trying to figure out puzzles, going on daring missions, hunting for ghosts, and even playing interactive games like Simon Says. With such a wide variety of content, her channel stays interesting and keeps people hooked. By covering different topics and using different formats, TinaKitten makes sure there's something for everyone, which means she's more likely to get a bunch of different people watching.

The cool thing about TinaKitten's YouTube channel is that she covers a wide range of topics. This helps her grab the attention of a bigger audience. Some people might be into the intense and strategic gameplay of Among Us, while others find the IQ deduction challenges and detective work super interesting. And you know what's even more awesome? TinaKitten does these cool videos with other popular YouTubers like Peter, Wendy, and Sykkuno. It's like a big community of awesome content creators coming together, which is really exciting for viewers. This kind of collaboration can totally help TinaKitten reach more people and get more subscribers, you know?

With a mix of fun and interactive content, TinaKitten's YouTube channel has the potential to grab the attention of a wide range of people. The different themes and the engaging nature of her videos can give viewers entertainment, a chance to escape, and even the opportunity to socialize in the comments section. But hey, it's worth mentioning that not everyone might be into TinaKitten's content. Different strokes for different folks, right?Alright, so here's the deal. Not everyone is into the same stuff, right? So, TinaKitten's channel might not be everyone's cup of tea. But listen, the fact that her videos are super popular and she's gaining more and more subscribers shows that a lot of people are totally into her content. So yeah, her YouTube channel is pretty important and interesting to a bunch of viewers.

Discover TinaKitten's YouTube channel here.

Twitter Account Details

TinaKitten is super active on Twitter, where she shares all the latest news, chats with her followers, and shows her gratitude for hitting big milestones. Ever since she joined in November 2013, she's gained a massive 1.2 million followers and follows 634 accounts. Her Twitter feed totally shows how much she loves her fans and also highlights her awesome achievements with peak viewership on Twitch.

Additionally, she brings up how much she loves playing the game Valorant and expresses her fondness for soup as a super comforting food. In a funny way, she admits the necessity of getting some exercise after sitting for hours on end playing games. Moreover, she shows her love and fond memories of her friend Techno. Her Twitter account is where she connects with her fans and shares her experiences in the gaming community.

You can find TinaKitten on Twitter at @TinaKitten.

TinaKitten Instagram Account Details

TinaKitten's Instagram account gives you a peek into her everyday life, with pics of herself, yummy food, and good times with friends. With 27 posts and 1.5 million followers, her account lets you in on her adventures outside of streaming. Follow TinaKitten on Instagram here.

Discord Server Details

Come hang out in TinaKitten's Discord server! It's where she chats with her community and keeps everyone in the loop about her streams. We've got over 27k members, and it's a lively place for discussing all sorts of things, including getting hyped for upcoming streams. But remember, we've got some rules to keep things cool: be kind, show respect, and let's keep the chat in English.

Join TinaKitten's Discord server here.

What do Tina's viewers write about her?

"TinaKitten is such a talented streamer! Her gameplay skills are impressive, and she always keeps me entertained with her funny commentary and reactions. I love tuning in to her streams!"

"Tina is an amazing content creator. She creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in her streams, and I always feel like I'm part of a community when I watch her. Her energy and dedication to her viewers are truly appreciated."

"I've been following TinaKitten for a while now, and I can't get enough of her content. She's not only a skilled gamer but also a great storyteller. Her interactive streams and collaborations with other YouTubers are always a blast to watch."

"TinaKitten's streams are a perfect mix of fun and relaxation. Her calming voice and positive attitude make her streams a great way to unwind after a long day. I always leave her streams feeling uplifted and happy."

"TinaKitten is a role model for aspiring content creators. She's built a successful career through hard work and dedication. Her authenticity and passion for what she does shine through in every stream. I'm inspired by her and look forward to seeing her continued success."


TinaKitten has totally made a name for herself in the gaming industry, wowing audiences with her super fun streams, awesome personality, and super cool content. With her ever-expanding Twitch and YouTube presence, TinaKitten keeps on making a big impact, leaving a really lasting impression on fans all over the world. So make sure to keep an eye out for more exciting adventures and totally unforgettable moments from this crazy talented content creator.