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Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley
Professional Fortnite Players
Last LIVE: 06 november 2023 Minecraft
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Channel Language: EN
Channel Creation Date: 06 january 2018
Channel Exists: 6y 5m 6d
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Rising Stars: x2 twins

Aussie Twitch streamers and content creators, Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley, known in the gaming world as x2twins, are becoming a force to reckon with in the gaming community. Their Twitch channel, x2twins twitch, has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to their engaging content and infectious personalities.

x2twins: Brothers in Gaming

The x 2 twins, based out of Brisbane, have become well-known names in the Fortnite World Cup circuit. Their gaming skills combined with their relatable and entertaining content have gained them a massive following not just on Twitch but also on YouTube. The x2twins YouTube channel is a testament to their growing influence in the gaming world.

More than Just Gamers

Beyond their gaming skills, the x2twins are also making a mark with their personal lives. Interest in the x2twins age and even the x2twins girlfriend indicates their growing celebrity status. Despite their fame, the twins maintain a level of humility and authenticity, often sharing about their personal lives with their fans.

The Faces Behind the Names

One look at the x2twins face and you can tell that these twins are more than just gamers; they are entertainers. Their expressions during high-tension gaming moments, their reactions to in-game events, and their banter all add to the appeal of their streams.

x2twins and Fortnite

No discussion about the x2twins would be complete without mentioning their favorite game, Fortnite. The x2twins Fortnite streams are some of the most popular content on their channel. Their expertise in the game is clearly evident and is a major factor in their success.

As the x2twins continue to rise in popularity, it will be exciting to see where they take their gaming careers next. Whether it's on YouTube x2twins or Twitch TV x2twins, there's no doubt that these twins are on a trajectory for even greater success in the gaming world.

Devices and Setup x2Twins

Collected from Open Sources
Mouse: Zowie by BenQ ZA13-B - x2Twins Devices and Setup
Zowie by BenQ ZA13-B Mouse
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Analog v2 - x2Twins Devices and Setup
Razer Huntsman Analog v2 Keyboard
Monitor: Samsung U28E570D - x2Twins Devices and Setup
Samsung U28E570D Monitor
Headset / Headphones: Philips SHL5905FB/10 - x2Twins Devices and Setup
Philips SHL5905FB/10 Headset / Headphones