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Biography of ZackRawrr: The Multi-Talented Twitch Streamer and Content Creator

Channel Creation Date

ZackRawrr, the alternate Twitch channel of the renowned Twitch streamer and content creator Asmongold, was created on July 7, 2020.

Channel Description

ZackRawrr is a channel dedicated to providing entertaining and engaging streams, primarily focusing on World of Warcraft gameplay and Just Chatting sessions. It offers a more relaxed and stress-free environment for Asmongold to connect with his audience.

The top 10 key takeaways from the text about ZackRawrr:

  1. ZackRawrr is the alternate Twitch channel of Asmongold, a well-known American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and content creator.
  2. Asmongold's real name is Zack, and he was born in 1991 in Austin, Texas.
  3. ZackRawrr offers a more chill and stress-free streaming experience compared to Asmongold's main channel.
  4. Asmongold gained fame by focusing on World of Warcraft content, but he has also covered other video games and topics related to gaming culture.
  5. He started streaming on ZackRawrr because he felt that streaming on his main channel was too much for him at the time.
  6. Despite being his secondary channel, ZackRawrr has gained a significant following since he began regularly streaming on it.
  7. Asmongold is an educated individual who earned a bachelor's degree in business before pursuing a legal degree.
  8. As of the available information, ZackRawrr is his main channel, and he has been streaming on it for a few months.
  9. Asmongold's YouTube channels include Asmongold TV, Asmongold Clips, and ZackRawrr.
  10. Asmongold's content covers a wide range of topics, including gaming, reviews, personal experiences, current events, social issues, and food and lifestyle discussions.

Asmongold's Real Name and Background

Asmongold, also known as Zack, was born in 1991 in Austin, Texas. Before diving into the world of online content creation, he pursued higher education and earned a bachelor's degree in business. His dedication to learning and his passion for gaming eventually led him to become a prominent figure in the streaming community.

Twitch Channel Information

  • Twitch Account Creation Date: Asmongold created his Twitch account in 2014 and quickly established himself as a prominent World of Warcraft streamer.
  • Number of Followers: Asmongold's Twitch channel boasts an impressive 3.4 million followers, a testament to his captivating content and engaging personality.
  • Viewer Growth: Since its launch, ZackRawrr has experienced exponential growth, reaching over 1,627,000 followers as of December 24, 2023. This substantial following demonstrates the unwavering support and interest from his dedicated fanbase.

YouTube Channel Information

  • Number of Subscribers: Asmongold TV, one of the five YouTube channels associated with Asmongold, has amassed a remarkable subscriber count of 1.76 million.
  • Number of Videos: Asmongold's YouTube presence is marked by a collection of 169 videos, each offering unique insights and entertaining content.
  • Total Views: His videos have garnered an impressive 32,722,376 views, a testament to his expertise and the quality of his content.
  • Possible Topics and Subtopics: Asmongold covers a wide range of topics on his YouTube channels, including gaming reviews, personal experiences, current events, social issues, and food and lifestyle discussions. This diverse content caters to a broad audience and showcases Asmongold's versatility as a content creator.

Asmongold's Expertise and Deep Knowledge

Asmongold's expertise in the gaming realm, particularly World of Warcraft, is unparalleled. His in-depth reviews, first impressions, and discussions provide valuable insights and analysis that resonate with both casual gamers and dedicated fans. His deep knowledge of the games he covers sets him apart, making his content both informative and enjoyable.

Engagement in Meaningful Discussions

One of Asmongold's distinguishing features is his willingness to address important issues and engage in meaningful discussions. From tackling negativity and harassment in gaming communities to shedding light on mental health and social justice matters, he creates an inclusive space for open dialogue. This commitment to fostering a positive and empathetic gaming community has earned him a devoted following.

Twitter Account Information

  • Account Creation Date: Asmongold joined Twitter in May 2010, utilizing the platform to connect with his audience and share updates on his streaming journey.
  • Number of Followers: With an impressive follower count of 896.6K, Asmongold's Twitter account serves as a hub for his community, where he shares thoughts, updates, and engages with his fans.

Instagram Account Information

  • Number of Posts: Asmongold's Instagram account features 31 posts, offering glimpses into his personal and professional life.
  • Number of Followers: With 116K followers, Asmongold's Instagram presence showcases his authenticity and allows his fans to connect with him on a more personal level.
  • Notable Posts: From sharing snapshots of his travels and adventures to amusing moments such as shaving his head bald, Asmongold's Instagram posts provide a unique behind-the-scenes look into his life as a content creator.

ZackRawrr Career Chronology:

Platform Account Creation Date
Twitch July 7, 2020
YouTube Aug 29, 2008
Twitter May 2010
Instagram Aug 5, 2019


ZackRawrr, the alternate Twitch channel of Asmongold, offers an entertaining and stress-free streaming experience for both Asmongold and his audience. With a massive following on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Asmongold has become a respected figure in the gaming and content creation community. His expertise in World of Warcraft, engaging discussions, and commitment to inclusivity have solidified his position as a prominent Twitch streamer and content creator. Asmongold's unwavering dedication and passion for delivering high-quality and meaningful content continue to captivate and inspire his ever-growing fanbase.

For more information about ZackRawrr and Asmongold's content, make sure to visit his Twitch channel, YouTube channels, Twitter account, and Instagram account.